I'm an architect and textile designer. 

I use all natural materials. I often take natural fabrics from scratch, I eco dye them with dyes I extracted in my home studio from plants, I hand block print traditional and ethnic motifs on them with blocks either I carve or carved by traditional Anatolian artisans. 

I sew them into various home textiles myself and hand-craft them with beautiful pompoms and tassles and trims. I essentially design every step of the process

from scratch all the way to the final product.

My ETSY shop is renowned for its colorful pompom tablecloths, block printed scarves and soft peshtemal bathrobes. 

I use the best quality materials for my ethnic yet contemporary designs.  Inspired by Ottoman and Anatolian designs, my aesthetic offers original, exquisite block printed textiles and home décor in bold and bright designs.

 I strive to help keep centuries old hand block printing tradition alive by staying loyal to the process and using traditional motifs and hand carved wooden blocks. Yet I aspire after new techniques and ideas to further my artisan craft of textile design.
And I love to bring color and beautiful patterns to your homes.

I hope you can find the one that you're looking for on my site and keep and cherish it for years to come.


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